Seven Days with You Updates

Seven Days With You Finally Has A Cover!

If you don’t already know; Seven Days with You was spawned from a dream. It occurred during a precarious period in my life.  I had recently quit my job as a waiter, and after weeks of restless boredom and self-pity, I somehow found myself working as an intern in a newsroom full of middle-aged men named Tarquin and Edward.

Anyway, I remember that morning well, wondering, after writing a god-awful first book, if this dream might just be worth turning into fiction. That was back in January 2015, a little over 2 years ago.

I won’t bore you with the details, but the dream somehow convinced me that it would lend itself perfectly to a coming-of-age story that I quickly titled Seven Days with You. I wasted little time writing the book. Seven weeks, in fact, but, of course, as anyone who’s ever written a book will tell you, that’s when the going gets tough.

My Baby, as I have called it over the years, hasn’t had it easy. She’s been rejected countless times and edited more times than I can remember, but like anything in life, you need to persevere, and now that the book is almost ready for release, I feel proud to share details of its upcoming release; as well as its cover.

Inspired by a recent edition of J.D. Salinger’s classic coming-of-age novel, The Catcher in the Rye, my publisher and I agreed a subtle cover would be better than a fancy one. I’m all for grand covers, but sometimes, the best covers suit the famous phrase: less is more.

Regarding the book’s release, I can officially announce that it will be available on my publisher’s website, Leap of Faith, from April 10th as an eBook before being made available as a print-on-demand title 60 days later on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and various other online outlets.

Exciting times are ahead, and I’ll be putting myself through a gruelling book tour in the lead-up to the full release in two month’s time.

So until then, I want to thank anyone who reads this. It means the world to me just to have people interested in this book, and if you want to buy a copy and spread the word, then that’s even better.

Keep smiling, remain hopeful, and most of all, keep dreaming.

Speak soon.

H x

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