Seven Days with You Updates

Promoting Seven Days with You And Going On The Weirdest Date Of My Life

It’s been a busy few weeks since my last blog post, and I’ve got to a stage where I’m gradually losing track of the days. I’m all over the place. One moment I’m at work writing about cat cafes in Japan, the next I’m fitting in a short gym session before rushing back to the keyboard to answer questions and promote Seven Days with You.

But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I feel privileged to have a platform where I can get my word across. You don’t realise until you release an indie title just how many book bloggers exist! It’s a great community, full of intelligent, kind-hearted bookworms that want nothing more than for books to be a mainstay fixture in the lives of as many people as possible. I love it. And having already put my book through two blitzes, I’ve already been on the receiving end of some great comments, and I can’t thank people enough for the support.

With such promo in mind, I will also be giving various interviews over the next two months. A month-long tour will commence on May 28th and take in around 27 different blogs. Not long after, another will begin in late June and end in late July. Every interview, excerpt and review will be posted on my social media links so be sure to look out for them!

Away from Seven Days with You, I’ve still tried to maintain (somewhat of) a social life because you have to, right? Otherwise, you’ll just go insane. That being said, I haven’t seen many of my friends. But I have been getting my social kicks via dating apps, Bumble and Tinder.

When you’re single and pressed for time you can meet some pretty interesting people in your quest for love, though as the brilliant Aziz Ansari demonstrated in one of his new Master of None episodes, it can be a pretty thankless task- especially if you live in global cities like London or New York.

In one instance, I went on a date with this lovely girl from Manchester. She worked in mental health, had a masters degree in psychology. Made documentaries on the side, and all-in-all, she was brilliant company. We talked for two hours straight about everything from Leonardo DiCaprio’s inability to settle down to the adverse impact dating apps are having on the lives of millennials. It went swimmingly. Or so I thought.

After kissing her, she told me to text her and that she’d love to see me again! Love, she said. Love! So I messaged her. And then I waited. And waited. And waited…. But no message came. I’d been ghosted, and learned an invaluable lesson: Even the best date of your life won’t guarantee you a second one.

It was a weird, but interesting experience, and after watching that Master of None episode, reciting that date made me laugh my head off. And besides, Seven Days with You comes first. I want to spread joy through this book and after replying to various well-wishers, I think dating may just be relegated the back of my mind.

The real work has only just begun.

H x



Seven Days with You Updates

Seven Days With You Finally Has A Cover!

If you don’t already know; Seven Days with You was spawned from a dream. It occurred during a precarious period in my life.  I had recently quit my job as a waiter, and after weeks of restless boredom and self-pity, I somehow found myself working as an intern in a newsroom full of middle-aged men named Tarquin and Edward.

Anyway, I remember that morning well, wondering, after writing a god-awful first book, if this dream might just be worth turning into fiction. That was back in January 2015, a little over 2 years ago.

I won’t bore you with the details, but the dream somehow convinced me that it would lend itself perfectly to a coming-of-age story that I quickly titled Seven Days with You. I wasted little time writing the book. Seven weeks, in fact, but, of course, as anyone who’s ever written a book will tell you, that’s when the going gets tough.

My Baby, as I have called it over the years, hasn’t had it easy. She’s been rejected countless times and edited more times than I can remember, but like anything in life, you need to persevere, and now that the book is almost ready for release, I feel proud to share details of its upcoming release; as well as its cover.

Inspired by a recent edition of J.D. Salinger’s classic coming-of-age novel, The Catcher in the Rye, my publisher and I agreed a subtle cover would be better than a fancy one. I’m all for grand covers, but sometimes, the best covers suit the famous phrase: less is more.

Regarding the book’s release, I can officially announce that it will be available on my publisher’s website, Leap of Faith, from April 10th as an eBook before being made available as a print-on-demand title 60 days later on Amazon, Barnes and Nobel and various other online outlets.

Exciting times are ahead, and I’ll be putting myself through a gruelling book tour in the lead-up to the full release in two month’s time.

So until then, I want to thank anyone who reads this. It means the world to me just to have people interested in this book, and if you want to buy a copy and spread the word, then that’s even better.

Keep smiling, remain hopeful, and most of all, keep dreaming.

Speak soon.

H x

Seven Days with You Updates

Seven Days with You Finds a Home

When I started writing fiction three years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined I would be published so soon, let alone for a book spawned from a dream.

After all, anyone who’s ever written a book knows how the journey unfolds. You find the courage to pursue a plot that you may or may not think is plausible and with an ounce of self-belief, a perpetual loneliness in a dimly-lit room commences in the hope that one day you’ll have something tangible to show for it before arriviste agents and no-nonsense publishing houses tell you you’re not good enough.

To my astonishment, however, and following many soul-crushing rejections, I have a soon-to-be-published novel in my locker.

In fact, I’ve written three books in the last three years which makes me sound like a pompous douche when in reality I’ve never really excelled at much academically.

Sure, I was good at English (as most writers will tell you) but I was never the best, and if you had said to me aged 18, with little-to-no-confidence and zits slowly forming around my porcelain face that I wouldn’t only complete three books but also get one published, I would have laughed and said that that was just as likely as Jessica Alba taking my hand in marriage.

Anyway, I have a publisher who believes in the book just as much as I do and I’m glad someone does as it’s a story embedded with universal themes. Yes, it’s a coming-of-age love story (heard that one before, haven’t you?) but it’s also about the sacrifice and conflict that arises from first-time love, and it was always stories like those that I related to most growing up. In my mind, books, particularly one’s with personal resonances, can help in times of difficulty, and I hope this book can do that to you in some small way.

But this blog won’t only be Seven Days with You-related. I’ll ramble about awkward Tinder dates, profile books that have inspired my writing, explain why John Green and The Weeknd are awesome, and of course, in the build-up to the novel’s release, post Seven Days with You extracts.

Most importantly, when you read this blog I want you to feel inspired as well as entertained, and if you feel the need to get in touch for whatever reason, then go to my contact page and hit me up. Not in the literal sense, though. That would be rather unfortunate.

H x